A Typical Schedule...
The typical day during the home Stay is divided into three parts:     
Weekdays for all programs start with language instruction. Each Program Group is divided by proficiency into two or sometimes three sections based on the verbal assessment we perform during program orientation. Each section has at least one Master Class and two Drill Classes per weekday, each lasting about 50 minutes.
Master Class is used to teach grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary with the assistance of over 40 different techniques developed by Professor Rassias, while Drill Class reinforces what was taught. Common classes are also held on many days to discuss upcoming excursions, family stay questions, cultural peculiarities, or any topic of group interest.

On the French programs, most weekday afternoons are spent on excursions (visits to châteaux, wine caves, historic sites, beaches, etc.). The French children in your families are invited along on these day trips. Picnic lunches start the afternoon and then our bus deposits us at our destination. We return home around 6p.m.

In Gijón, Spain, we all spend the early afternoons in the Sports Club. There we can enjoy tennis, swimming, basketball, squash, volleyball, and aerobics among many other sports. At about 1:30pm, we return to our families for the main meal (la comida) of the day and follow that with whatever the family has planned. On the Spanish program, staff often proposes late afternoon optional get-togethers, ranging from a a visit to an ancient city to open air concerts.
  1. Classes
    Generally run from 9am to 12:30pm
  2. Afternoon Activities
    Differ among each program
  3. Nights
    After 6pm are spent with your host family
  4. Weekends
    Are almost always spent with your family.
"The experiences Alex enjoyed this summer were over the top fantastic! He is still high on France, everyone from Rassias, and the other kids in the program, and most importantly he loves showing his command of the language. We couldn't have asked for more life experiences and another language all wrapped up in one incredible package! The only question we have: how do you do it?"

- Harry and Ellen Levitt, parents of Alex and Teddy, France