Alejo Alvarez
Co-Director, Rassias Programs

Alejandro or Alejo is from the Northern city of Trujillo, Peru. He has been part of the Rassias family since 2008 in our Spain Gijon program.  His enthusiasm for life, teaching experience, and personal background allows him to share knowledge about language and culture in a way that truly engages our students in active language acquisition/improvement.

A couple of years ago, he took on a new role as a Co-Director of our programs and began crafting our newly Rassias Summer Language Program in Peru which will have an exciting mix of Rassias Language Classes, high school classes in Spanish, and community service. 

Alejo holds a B.S in Behavioral Neuroscience as well as a Master in Public Health and a Masters in Biomedical Sciences both from Tufts University School of Medicine. He is passionate about the intersectionality of education, health, and science. He truly believes that education, especially language education, is a way to bring communities together. He believes that knowing another language is akin to having a "super power" which can be used to not only learn about cultures, but also to make a positive impact in communities around the world.

In his spare time he enjoys cooking, sports (especially running and soccer), theater, reading, and listening to NPR.
Alejo (center) with friends and fellow MT, Nando, in Madrid, Spain
Alejo walking in his hometown, Cambridge MA