Assistant Teacher - France
Lisa Lopez
Bonjour à tous,
I am so glad to join the Rassias program this summer and excited about sharing the French language and culture with you!
I was born in Arles where I grew up with my parents and my older brother, Jeremy. I’ve studied languages and economics at a European school in Aix-en-Provence for three years of high-school. I have now been studying in Nîmes, at Vatel, which is an International business school in hotel and tourism management.
I’ve known the Rassias family since I was born and am very fond of their program. Three years ago I spent the summer vacation with them. That’s when I had the opportunity to experience the Rassias Method from the inside, first as a student at Kimble Union Academy and then as an ESL drill instructor at Dartmouth. 
Meeting other people and travelling around the world is what I for the care most. My parents have raised me to be open-minded and speak several languages. I spent my childhood meeting people from all around the world. Our family has hosted students from the USA and many different European countries. It has made me aware of all the different cultures and languages that exist and how important it is to be open-minded. That’s why I am looking forward to sharing my own culture with the group.
I myself have stayed with host families on several occasions. Thanks to these cultural exchanges, I now have friends across the globe. Each and every one of these home stays was a unique and wonderful experience and I’m sure yours will be unforgettable!
I love cooking and would like to share this passion with the Rassias students. I’ve worked in several restaurants as well as hotels and given private lessons to students who need to practice their English.  I spend lot of my free time practicing sport: cross-fit, hiking, soccer, which I played for more than ten years. 
Last year, I spent 9 months in Canada as a trainee in a hotel in Whistler, which was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. After this summer, I’ll be heading back to Whistler in order to become a hotel manager; probably after some years of work experience I will pursue an MBA.
What Lisa didn’t mention is that she has lived with us off and on and two years ago worked as a student intern on the Arles program.  She’s quite a teacher and can teach you all those French idioms, text lingo, short cuts, etc.