Bill Miles
President, Rassias Programs

Bill's first encounter with European culture came at Noble and Greenough School in Boston. There, his French teacher, a Parisian, rarely allowed a word of English to creep out of Bill's mouth for 6 years! Occasional glances out the classroom window to the playing fields beckoning below were brought to a stop with a French expletive.

Bill then went to Bowdoin College (French and Political Science) and Penn State (Education). At Bowdoin, he was captain of the soccer team, a member of the hockey team and student government and won the George Levine MVP soccer award. He also managed to spend three months in France, and it was then that the confluence of the Nobles instruction and the European culture occurred. Fifteen years later, in 1985, he started Odyssey Adventures which, until 1998, operated bike trips in France.

In the interregnum, Bill has been a banker, a volunteer for many community organizations, and a coach of almost any sport you might think of. He has held a National Soccer Coaching license, chaired the Harrisburg (PA) Academy Board, and taught elementary through high school students French, Latin, Algebra, and History. He also is an alumni interviewer and fund raiser for Bowdoin and a member of Hanover's Diversion Board which provides alternate sentencing in community placement duties for first-time juvenile offenders. He is the father of two older children who are both bike trip alums and former staff members of the trips. And he and Helene are the parents of Matthew, currently attending university in Rome.

These days, he spends much of his time managing the day-to-day activities of Rassias Programs... between running, biking, skiing and coaching youth sports. To help insure program quality and facilitate problem solving, he also is the person on the phone whom parents can reach while the programs are in operation.
Bill Miles (left) and his wife, Helene Rassias-Miles, celebrate their son, Matthew's high school graduation 
Bill Miles (right) and his wife, Helene Rassias-Miles