Rassias Custom Programs


For Advanced High School Students, Gap Year Students and Other Customizable Programs

The RASSIAS Difference!
For almost three decades, our strength has been the personalized, family approach that has placed our high school programs above all others. Each Rassias Custom Program (RCP) is based in a city where we either offer high school programs or have a close, often Dartmouth College, connection.
Who are OUR Students?
In keeping with our philosophy, RCP students will study either individually or be part of small number of motivated students who are looking for an in-depth, real world, locally connected experience, away from English speakers and often involving interaction with neighborhood kids and local professionals and our homestays are with families known by our local friends and have often been prior hosts to Rassias students.
Student Qualifications
All students must possess a strong motivation and maturity level that will allow her or him to flow into a new culture. Target language proficiency can be either part of what a student brings or part of the Rassias Custom Program. Motivation and not grades is the essential ingredient! Generally, these programs are for students age 18 or over and for some it may be part of your GAP year. However, we also will accept high school students who have demonstrated the ability to acclimate into another culture.
The Possibilities, General requirements:    
All Rassias Custom Programs require language study most often using the famed Rassias Method(R) and a home stay, for either part of or all of each program. To opt out of language studies, an applicant must display a near-fluency in the target language. Language is, after all, the key the unlocks a culture. An interview, essay and references are required.
Sample Programs

    We do not construct specific, must-do programs. To the extent possible, we will construct what you want not what we want, built around the base of language and home stay.     

What follows are areas of expertise that we have access to in each of 5 distinct sites. Other possibilities in each location exist. In consultation with us, we can construct a program suited for you and of a duration that, if possible, fits your schedule. Remember: Each offering always includes a homestay and language studies (if required).
  1. Perú
    A medium-sized city surrounded by spectacular beaches, the Andes, Amazon and Machu Picchu!
  2. France
    A Roman coliseum, where they now fight bulls and not gladiators, a Roman theater where modern productions take place, home to Van Gogh and Picasso...
  3. Spain
    Gijon is a mid-sized city founded by the Romans that today is one of the most important ports on the Atlantic coast of Spain.