Arles, France
June 23rd to July 25th, 2018
(with round trip airfare from Montréal)
  1. Hiking the French Alps
    Hiking the French Alps
  2. Loire Valley
    Loire Valley
  3. Chateau of Villandry - Loire Valley
    Chateau of Villandry - Loire Valley
  4. Loire Valley
    Loire Valley
  5. French Riviera
    French Riviera
  6. Paris
  7. Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower
  8. Louvre Museum
    Louvre Museum
About the Program
This program is a 4 1/2 week language program. Two and a half weeks of classes taught in the famous Rassias Method® and home stay and 2 weeks of travel to the Alps, Riviera, the Loire Valley, and Paris.

Limited to 25 students, currently grades 9 to 11 with 2 or more years of French.
A short summary about the time-tested program in France... a beautiful place for a homestay program and visit some remarkable locations!
From departure on Day 1 to your return home a month later, a day to day itinerary of the grand tour of France.
A glimpse of some of the amazing places you will visit!  Click here to learn some of the history and fun facts about this part of France.
Program Summary
Homestay & Travel