Homestay - Gijón & Asturias

Gijón is situated on the coast of central Asturias, from sea level to an altitude of 1683 feet at Picu Samartán and 2204 feet at Peña de los Cuatro Jueces, bordered on the West by Carreño, the East by Villaviciosa, and to the South by Siero and Llanera.  Gijón is distinguished by the peninsula of Cimadevilla (the original settlement) which separates the beach of San Lorenzo and adjacent neighborhoods to the east from the beaches of Poniente and Arbeyal, the shipyards, and the recreational port and the Port of El Musel to the west. It is close to the other main Asturian cities, Oviedo and Avilés. Gijón sits in a bowl surrounded by rolling hills and snow capped mountains.

Gijón is a vibrant coastal city of about 300,000 people. Our days are filled with classes and activities at the Sports Club, the Semana Negra festival, shops, cafés, museums, or just walking along the three or four miles of beach front with your family. Some afternoons and evenings are devoted to excursions and outings in Gijón and the region with our group, while others are spent with our families.

Our classes are held at a local school situated near Gijón's famous Club Covadonga — a world-class sports and exercise facility. It is where every teenager hangs out. The two hours after classes and before lunch are spent at the club (everyone gets a membership) playing basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, joining an aerobics class, lifting—whatever you want... and any instruction is, of course, in Spanish!.

We also take several short breaks from the home-stay with excursions to regional points of interest. And, over one weekend, we head about 1 hour away to Arriondas, nestled in the Picos, for a two days in an traditional lodge, a day of canoeing, and a different life.