Nuria Sabadell
Local Program Coordinator

In Gijón, we hold a great relation with the Nieto Sabadell family, first with Juana Madre who we met almost two decades ago and who became the Spanish mother superior to all our kids and all our host families. Her daughter, a former Dartmouth professor, now chairs the Spanish department at Hamilton College, handled all the Rassias logistics and day-today details for many years. 

For the last six year, Juana's sister, Nuria Sabadell, has taken over the Rassias reins. Her energy, intelligence, and contacts not just Gijón but in all of Spain have added immeasurably to our programs. The Sabadell family accounts for the terrific friends and families that we enjoy in Gijón.

Nuria has worked as an entrepreneur and administrative assistant during many years.  She has also participated in organizing public relations for events, concerts and different presentations.  This has led her to develop great capabilities in conflict resolution and to get to know her country and customs.  

She is now a Social Worker, where she leads home visits to the elderly-- including helping take care of her parents at home.  She is also a local volunteer for the Red Cross International and supports a local Animal Shelter.

Her greatest passions include traveling and getting to know other cultures.  She has travelled to Mexico to learn the Rassias Method in depth and she is convinced that there is a "before" and an "after" in language acquisition through this methodology.