Nando Ausin
Co-Director, Rassias Programs

Fernando Ausin or Nando is a dual Mexico-US citizen, although he strongly believes in being a world citizen.  He was born in Mexico City and has lived half of his life in Mexico and the rest split between the US and other countries.

He has been working with the Rassias Foundation for almost 15 years, ever since his Freshman year at Dartmouth College when he served as an Assistant Teacher for Spanish.  Since then, his life has been transformed by the expansive quality of language education and has never ceased to share knowledge through languages.  Aside from teaching during his college years for both the College and the community, he served his summers with the Advanced Language Programs (ALPs) of the Rassias Foundation.

For six summers, he has led trips to different cities in Spain, first in the beautiful city of Segovia, surrounded by castles, aqueducts and middle-age history; and then in the gorgeous port city of Gijón, nestled between Spain's northern coast and the lush rolling hills of the Principality of Asturias.  Following Professor Rassias' words, every year always becomes his new favorite!

He graduated from Dartmouth College in 2006 with a degree in Latin American and Caribbean politics and a summer business course at the Tuck School of Business.  He loves traveling, and has been to over 30 countries around the world so far. Thanks to the Rassias Method, he learned the German language and culture.  This experience further ignited his passion for language education.  

He currently helps lead a sustainability education program across Mexico, promoting renewable energy and different eco-solutions to K-12 and college students (you can check out his website at for more info.) 

During his spare time, he enjoys learning about native traditions, their legacy, and how to apply their lessons on sustainability to younger generations.  He also enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and learning about holistic healing.
Nando overlooking the cliffs in Asturias, Spain
Nando (left) with his siblings, Cata and Mingo, also Rassias staff alumni