June 22nd to July 24th, 2019
(includes round-trip airfare from Montréal)

Welcome to the Rassias Language Program France! We have chosen to take students here to this amazing country because of its amazing museums, cuisine, and unique history (In 2014, France was the most visited country in the world!)
This Rassias-France experience will be taking place in beautiful Arles.  The city lies in the Sun-kissed south of France, in a region where Van Gogh created many of his most beautiful paintings. The atmosphere around Arles is quite different from other parts of France, especially when there is a Mistral (cool dry wind that blows in from the north) funneling its constant air over the deep purple fields of lavender so typical of the area which seems to cast a spell over the entire region, a region where everyone seems to be on vacation.
History abounds where Roman ruins pop up everywhere—the phenomenal aqueduct to Nimes, the famed Coliseum of Arles and even the very walls around Arles itself. And the geology is pretty spectacular too where jagged sawtooth peaks jut out of the earth to spectacular heights, and ancient towns, like Les Baux, are perched precariously on top of them.
The Rassias-France experience is perfect for students looking to immerse themselves in the rich French history and culture of the country while bettering their language skills via daily classes and living with a French family. The travel part of the program allows you to visit the Loire Valley, Nice, the French Riviera, the French Alps, Vercors, and of course Paris!