Below a short summary of the Intermediate - Advanced Spanish Program in Perú!

Welcome to the Rassias Language Program in Peru! This beautiful country is home of the largest empire in pre- Colombian America (the Incas) and of our exciting intermediate and advanced Spanish Program.  Peru is not only the home of a unique ecosystem that houses coastal, highland, and Amazonian landscapes, culture, and food, but also the home of one of our long time staff members Alejandro M Alvarez.

This Rassias-Peru experience will be based out of the city of Trujillo or referred to by locals as “The City of Eternal Spring.” Trujillo, located in the province of La Libertad, is a place full of culture and home of outstanding Peruvian writers/intellectuals such as Cesar Vallejo and Victor Raul Haya de La Torre. In addition, the city also holds international and national competitions of surfing, marinera (Peruvian national Dance), and caballos de paso that you may be able to witness!

Located by the banks of the Rio Moche and being close to the Pacific Ocean and the Northern Andes give inhabitants of Trujillo the flexibility to spend weekends relaxing at the beaches of Huanchaco/Delicias , taking hikes around the Andean town of Otuzco, or visiting the largest Pre-Columbian city made out of Mud, Chan chan archeological city. The diversity of the city is not only seen in its landscape, but also its cuisine. In an around Trujillo, you can taste various types of dishes including Shambar, Ceviche, Pachamanca , quinoa vegetable-soup, among others.  
The Rassias-Peru experience is the perfect blend allowing you to improve your Spanish world-renowned Rassias language method, engage with local organizations to help underserved communities in topics pertaining to healthcare, education, and the environment take flexible Spanish high school classes at our partner school-San Jose Obrero- (pick your own schedule!), stay with a host family, engage with local organizations to help underserved communities in topics pertaining to healthcare, education, and the environment, and make this a productive yet relaxing fun summer.  Last, but certainly, not least; come and let us show one of the wonders of the World – Machuppicchu- as we spend a week in the Southern highlands of Peru visiting and learning from one of the most fascinating ancient cultures of the world.

We want you to come along with us and discover Peru through fun and educational activities ranging from sandboarding in deserts, to boat rides along the Pacific to hikes in the highlands of Peru!  

Eagle's-eye view of Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the World!
Bathe in the wonderful beaches of Huanchaco & Delicias!
Check out these videos of a San Jose Obrero students inviting you to spend your days in Trujillo!