Soccer Camp (Optional)

We are especially excited about offering this option. Our friends in Gijón have great contacts with the soccer school and Bill Miles is a coach of youth soccer and held a national level soccer coaches license. His son played Division 1 soccer and presently helps coach the Dartmouth JV women's team.

REAL SPORTING DE GIJÓN is one of Europe's most famous soccer camps. Run by the professional Football club of Gijón, the summer camp is open to students from age 8 to 18 and runs in week long sessions. It includes many levels of instruction including goalie coaching.

The program starts with the entire Gijón group and our staff in Segovia and Madrid. It then moves to Gijón where we all start languages classes and live with host families.

After approximately 2 weeks of language classes, those electing the soccer camp option will spend their days playing soccer, - the facility, located about 15 k from town, is one of Europe's best known, having trained some of Spain's finest players as youths - Abelardo, Luis Enrique (currently playing with Barcelona FC) and David Villa (now with Valencia) all honed their skills at the school.

There you eat and play with Spanish kids and are instructed by professional coaches, including goalie coaching. Over 100 students participate in this summer camp each week, almost all Spanish - many of them younger, but more skilled than our students. It is a complete immersion in both soccer and Spanish.

Following your week at soccer camp, you rejoin the other Americans for their final travel days.

Soccer program: Price and Eligibility

The additional cost for this option is $750. Because registration for this program occurs in the winter, and is renounced in Europe, it is imperative that students notify us as early as possible if they want to elect this option.

Although all levels are taught at the camp (including keeper training), students electing this should be serious about their soccer. If you plan on enrolling in this program, you should either be your high school varsity or have serious aspirations to make the team next fall. As said, the camp welcomes all levels, but as you might surmise, the Spanish level, even for younger kids, is quite high. It's worth the challenge! Go for it!!

Because your Spanish level should be decent as all instruction (in fact, everything!) will be in Spanish, our days of intensive instruction will rapidly increase your fluency and place an emphasis on soccer/ football lingo.

If you have interest, please call or e-mail us and also look at the football club's web site:

Real Sporting de Gijón