Over 30 years of experience.  
Thousands of student's lives changed.  
Unbelievably grateful parents.  
Here are a few of their quotes.
  1. Nell, France
    "One subject that I don't have to worry about, however, is French. Not to brag or anything, but I'm now one of the best in the class, thanks to Rassias. I can actually understand what my insane teacher is screaming, which is more than a lot of the kids in my class."
  2. The Levitts, France
    "The experiences Alex enjoyed this summer were over the top fantastic! He is still high on France, everyone from Rassias, and the other kids in the program, and most importantly he loves showing his command of the language. We couldn't have asked for more life experiences and another language all wrapped up in one incredible package! The only question we have: how do you do it?"
  3. Max, Gijón
    "We finally heard from Max today (wifi at his house was not working until Max fixed it today...;-) and just wanted to let you know that it sounds like he is doing very well with the family he is living with. He is enjoying the time he is spending there and he is surprised at how well he is communicating with them. I can't believe you found him a family where the father hates vegetables too!"
  4. Emily, Spain
    "I think this was a real eye-opening experience for Emily. She found so many wonderful things to love about another culture. It's a real gift she had the chance to “Get out of Dodge.” We are lucky to live in a great place, but there are many other ways to live beautifully. I'm glad she got to immerse herself in one of them. Great choice on the town and the people. I think the homestay was especially precious, as you knew ahead of time."
  5. The Whetsells, Arles
    "...I want to emphasize how wonderful ... the leaders and staff were. They made all kinds of efforts ... they were supportive and always on the ball!!! ... a very fun summer, and I commend you on your choice of instructors and families."
  6. Jeremy, France
    He was a changed kid. The French? He got the "most improved student" recognition by his teacher and though his spelling in both French and English are poor to this day, he actually enjoyed the remainder of this high school french classes."