32 years of experience.  
Thousands of student's lives changed.  
Unbelievably grateful parents.  
Here are a few of their quotes.
  1. Ben, Spain
    "I am also grateful for an amazing experience; one that I would say has made the biggest difference in my life. I find that I really study people more now. I listen more. I think more. And, I have been given a taste of a culture that I truly want to immerse myself in. I do plan on continuing my Spanish..."
  2. Nell, France
    "One subject that I don't have to worry about, however, is French. Not to brag or anything, but I'm now one of the best in the class, thanks to Rassias. I can actually understand what my insane teacher is screaming, which is more than a lot of the kids in my class."
  3. Lisa's Mother, Spain
    "Ultimately, it is your warmth, caring, concern, and sincerity that I will tell other parents about, for at the bottom line, all parents will ultimately be most concerned with how you and your staff take care of and treat our children away from home."
  4. Harry and Ellen Levitt, parents of Alex and Teddy, France
    "The experiences Alex enjoyed this summer were over the top fantastic! He is still high on France, everyone from Rassias, and the other kids in the program, and most importantly he loves showing his command of the language. We couldn't have asked for more life experiences and another language all wrapped up in one incredible package! The only question we have: how do you do it?"
  5. Mother of Max, Gijón
    "We finally heard from Max today (wifi at his house was not working until Max fixed it today...;-) and just wanted to let you know that it sounds like he is doing very well with the family he is living with. He is enjoying the time he is spending there and he is surprised at how well he is communicating with them. I can't believe you found him a family where the father hates vegetables too!"
  6. Emily's Mother, Spain
    "I think this was a real eye-opening experience for Emily. She found so many wonderful things to love about another culture. It's a real gift she had the chance to “Get out of Dodge.” We are lucky to live in a great place, but there are many other ways to live beautifully. I'm glad she got to immerse herself in one of them. Great choice on the town and the people. I think the homestay was especially precious, as you knew ahead of time."
  7. Mother of Jaime Bedrin, France and France staff
    "All of you were wonderful—from the beginning to the end the team leader shined like a diamond in the night—helpful, reassuring, competent —wonderful sense of humor—please, never lose that."
  8. The Whetsells, parents of Holly, Arles and staff member
    "...I want to emphasize how wonderful ...(the leaders and staff) were. They made all kinds of efforts ...they were supportive and always on the ball!!! ...a very fun summer, and I commend you on your choice of instructors and families."
  9. Jon's Mother, Spain
    "Jon is so happy, and so we are so happy, he says trip was life changing! He has been admitted to Honors Level 4 Spanish next year. He is thrilled and we are too since he would not have been able to move to AP Spanish next year. Thanks for coming up with a customized solution to get him the extra teaching time."
  10. Jeremy Teicher
    "I'm taking a moment to share a laugh with you and my son's (Jeremy Teicher) high school french teacher (a variation of this letter to her). First a quick review. Jeremy was faltering badly in high school french. It's fair to say he was one of the weakest students and he was fairly miserable. My husband, Jim and I just wanted him to pass the subject. I found your program - which Jeremy attended after 10th grade. He returned saying he wanted to go to Dartmouth. I went to the store, purchased one of those college books and opened the page to Dartmouth pointing to the grade point average and the SAT scores. That was it. He was a changed kid. The French? He got the "most improved student" recognition by his teacher and though his spelling in both French and English are poor to this day, he actually enjoyed the remainder of this high school french classes. But there is more. As you may recall when we spoke years ago, he was admitted to Dartmouth graduating in 2010. . There's more - he has directed his first feature length film - now going around the world in major international festivals - in FRENCH. (The language of the film is Pulaar - but he directed it in French). And finally - why I just had to write. Jeremy is in Paris now presenting the film and conversing IN FRENCH with students for the entire week. ( L’association Cinéma Public organise chaque année depuis maintenant plus de vingt ans, le Festival international de cinéma jeunes publics CINÉ JUNIOR http://www.cinemapublic.org/Grand-comme-le-baobab.html?lang=fr Can you believe this? Here's the trailer for the film and more details http://tallasthebaobabtree.com/ And on this page you can find an interview with Jeremy - in French - with a Montreal TV station. http://tallasthebaobabtree.com/press/ And it all started with your program. Thought you would enjoy this. And yes, of course, you may use our story as endorsement. "
  11. Jen Eisenberg
    "There is no doubt this was absolutely the best summer Jen has ever had! From her newfound friends to the great teachers to her warm, loving Spanish family, Jen loved every aspect of this trip! Her only regret was that the trip wasn't longer so that she could have spent more time with everyone. Indeed, immediately after the trip, she spent several days with a friend from Rassias. She tells me she is in constant contact with her newfound friends and teachers through the internet and cell phones. A group of her friends are already planning a reunion during a vacation period. Recently, Jen's journalism class had to do "personality profiles" on each other. Apparently, Jen could not stop talking about her amazing summer experience. In addition, when she had a Spanish project on Spain recently, she showed pictures of her Spanish mother cooking paella and the night Spain won the World Cup- a night she will never forget! Jen has an entire wall of her room covered with pictures from her Rassias trip and we know she has wonderful, happy memories each time she looks at them. Jen is also very comfortable conversing in Spanish now - she even commented that she often thinks in Spanish in her head. Our family would be thrilled to recommend the Rassias program to anyone who wants an amazing cultural, social and learning experience. Your program is truly priceless and we can't thank you enough~ Sincerely, Kathy, Rich, and Jen Eisenberg
  12. Michael Mayer
    "Michael had the most AMAZING experience in Spain this summer!!! His language skills have improved 1000-fold and it was very special living with Beatriz, especially after hearing about her and her family for so many years from Jillian. I must also let you know how fantastic the Gijon teachers were! Fernando, in particular, inspired Michael in countless ways. Fernando is now Mike's role model for the man he wants to become. Mike told Jillian that she "just has to go to Mexico to work with Fernando" and Mike is hoping to do the same someday. Peter and I are in your debt! The positive influence you and your team have had upon my children's lives is something most parents can only dream of! THANK YOU!!!"
  13. Max, Advanced Spanish Perú
    "If I had learned Spanish with the Rassias method, I would have reached the same level of proficiency that I have today in one year instead of three!"
  14. Mike, Advanced Spanish Perú
    "This experience has made me the Spanish-speaking person I am today: fluent, confident, and always having fun!"