The Rassias Method®

The best way to learn a second language is to speak it and to live it; to involve both your intellect and your emotions. The Rassias Method®, created and developed in 1964 by Professor John Rassias of Dartmouth College, is characterized by energy, warmth, and humanness. It is personal, dramatically involving students in all phases of learning. It inspires and excites students, and, in the process, frees them of fear and inhibition. Spontaneity sets the tone. Concentration breeds confidence. Successful small steps inside the classroom become long, sure strides outside the classroom.

This method has an internationally acclaimed track record. To protect its integrity, it can only be used if given legal permission by John Rassias and the Rassias Foundation. It is not a mass-market language method, but rather a rigorous, pedagogical method that has been refined over the years. It is a complete system of teaching, incorporating a wide variety of tried and true techniques, which incorporate choreographed drills by a highly trained staff to reinforce structural patterns. We go to the soul as well as the intellect of our students, using vibrant, contextually deep, interesting techniques that hold your interest and spark your brain. In a word, it works supremely well and it makes learning fun.

This intensive language study creates a positive environment conducive to speaking and thinking in French or Spanish. In our ‘classroom' the student is not an outside observer, but an active participant. Reflect on how a child first learns to speak English. it is this openness and playfulness that we strive to kindle in all our students. As the sights and the sounds, the people and the places become more real, more human, more accessible, the language barrier and linguistic inhibitions fall away, and fluency in French or Spanish becomes the norm.

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