Travel Days
Each program spends some days visiting several different regions of our host country. Our object here is not to see ten cities in five days, but instead to give you a fuller view of a few cohesive regions. For example, the Gijón program focuses first on CASTILIAN Spain, then Asturias (where they also speak Castilian Spanish), then off to Basque Country and EUSKERA, and finally CATALAN SPAIN (Barcelona). We want to light the fire and have you visit again to explore the rest of the country with us, in college and on your own.  As many have achieved with us over the years, we want you to build the comforts of a second home, a second family.

I have been talking up the Rassias program to lots of people here! Now that I have two children who have had such an outstanding time, I think it's a great testament.
Thank you, Bill, for everything. You all pulled together a wonderful program. There were endless details to keep track of, and you even had to deal with overlapping programs! Thank you for keeping us apprised every step of the way. You made the process easy.  Thank you to the teachers taking the time to photograph and post about their adventures on the blog. It's very comforting on our end to see what the students are up to. Mine, for one, isn't really big on communicating things to me.  :)"
The travel portion of the program is also a chance for our students to come together again as a group, as well as practice the language and gain a sense of the people and places of France, Spain, or China. Though our schedule is full, it does allow for spontaneity. While having fun we try to keep everyone's eye on the target speaking the target language as often as possible!